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SEN. BARRASSO'S TRIBUTE TO SEN. KENNEDY: Why did so many Republican senators have such strong feelings for Ted Kennedy? John Barrasso of Wyoming describes the personal touch that Kennedy had:
The day I got sworn into the Senate, June 25, 2007, to my knowledge he [Kennedy] was the only Democrat -- well, somebody would have been in the chair presiding -- who was there in the chamber for my swearing-in...

Later they had a little reception for me and he came to that, and he was the only Democrat there. And he spent a long time with my son Peter and my daughter Emma, who were both in college. He said, "So you're the brother, you're the sister -- you know I had some brothers." He was talking about John and Robert and Joe. He said it is good to work closely with your family. He said, "Why don't you come to my office and I'll show you some pictures of my brothers and my family?"

Then we went to his office in the Russell Building and he must have spent half an hour with Peter and Emma and me going over the pictures, with Papa Joe and Rose and the Kennedy kids and different letters that were written. I think he enjoyed it as much as we did, but for us it was an incredible lesson in history and an incredible welcome to the Senate. I think Ted Kennedy may still be my daughter's favorite senator -- more than me!
Civility can make a remarkable difference.

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