Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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WHO WOULD OBAMA GIVE THE PRIZE TO? I'm guessing he wouldn't answer that question, but I hope his answer would be Morgan Tsavngirai, leader of a peaceful effort to bring democracy and human rights to Zimbabwe, which has been terrorized and impoverished by the Mugabe regime.

Obama met with Prime Minister Tsvangirai at the White House in June. During the 2008 campaign, Obama contacted Tsvangirai:
"to share my deep concern for the way his supporters are being targeted by the regime, and to express my admiration for his efforts to ensure that the will of the Zimbabwean people is finally respected"...

"The United States and the international community must be united, clear and unequivocal: the government of Zimbabwe is illegitimate and lacks any credibility," Senator Obama said.
Although Tsvangirai is now Prime Minister, Mugabe is still President. A Nobel for Tsvangirai could help ensure the success of Zimbabwe's nascent transition.

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