Saturday, April 26, 2003

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IRAQ, AL QAEDA, AND FRANCE: CNN just posts this story on documents being found in the headquarters of Saddam's intelligence service which demonstrate that there were meetings taking place between Saddam's government and Al Qaeda. (UPDATE 1: Transcripts of the documents have now been released.)

Also, the Sunday Times is reporting today that France provided Saddam with regular reports on French dealings with American officials - including contents of private transatlantic meetings and classified diplomatic cable traffic. (UPDATE 2: A day later, this link required registration; however, Fox News carried a report by the same Sunday Times correspondent, Matthew Campbell, on Monday.)

You've gotta hand it to France - now that there's no Soviet Union to provide leaked cables and highly classified military information to (as new records show they did during most of the Cold War), it's not easy finding a replacement. Now who will they turn to now that we've taken away their Tikriti playmate? Les pauvres.
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Patriotism isn't as strong as in France as it's in the US but I'd like you to know that what you've said in your article is unfair and false, I'm proud to be French and to sing the French anthem because we didn't send soldiers get killed in Iraq for bad reasons. Our president was right when he refused to go to war with president Bush because now that you're suck in Iraq you're trying to find a way out but there is none, so what are you going to do now?
This war was based on lies, it took you time to realize it, better be later than never, right? Just hope this will end soon, enough people have died and soldiers need to go back to their homes and families. The US people and the Iraqi have suffered because of the war, now I just hope you will make peace, because these people deserves a normal life
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