Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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OH, THAT AXIS OF EVIL: Time Magazine reports that North Korea may be getting around its promise not to test long-range missiles by trading advanced technology to Iran in exchange for the results of Iran's long-range missile tests. Time's information shouldn't be regarded as definitive, however, since it rests primarily on statements by unidentified sources at the Pentagon. (That's an OxBlog caveat, not something you would get from reading Time.)

In other news, Syria is making a pretty strong bid to take over Saddam's place in the original Axis of Evil:
In January, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage traveled to Damascus and gave Assad a list of 34 former Iraqi Baath officials allegedly supporting the insurgency from Syria that the U.S. wanted the regime to round up.
Unnamed sources at the Pentagon also insist that Syrian military officers were directly involved in preparing the Iraqi insurgents to defend Fallujah from the American assault that retook the city.

You'd think Bashar Assad would at least have learned from his fello Ba'athist, Saddam Hussein, that if you are going to provoke the United Statest you should make sure that Europe is on your side. But after recent events Lebanon, even the French may be looking to punish Damascus.
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