Sunday, February 27, 2005

# Posted 2:14 AM by Ariel David Adesnik  

YO! IT'S GONNA BE CLOUDY WITH LIGHT SHOWERS, BEE-ATCH! I only listen to one radio station in Charlottesville: 91.9 FM, WNRN. It's an all-music, no-commercials, not-for-station supported by the local community. It mostly plays modern rock, but has a decent amount of time set aside for almost every other kind of popular music.

Recently, while driving home one night, I was listening to WNRN's Boom Box, which spins "blazin' hip-hop and R&B". In a break between songs, there was a weather report...delivered entirely in a baggy-pants, street-corner, bling-bling, ebonicized accent.

It wasn't supposed to be funny, but I couldn't stop smiling. Because let's face it: Weathermen just can't be hip, fly or cool. They harder they try, the sillier they look.
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