Thursday, September 22, 2005

# Posted 11:28 AM by Patrick Belton  

BOOS, CATCALLS, AND TO INCLUDE (WITH GUILTY APOLOGIES TO KEVIN) THE THROWING OF ACTUAL CATS: From the SPD, the party which brought you Chancellor Schröder's beasty posturings of victory on the night of an election which he, as well as Angela Merkel, lost, he even more so: now his party has made the quite absurd allegation, which apparently never quite occured to it in the preceding sixty years of Bundesrepublik political history, that Merkel is not the leader of the largest Bundestag faction, because under the just-discovered Schröder's Law, the CDU and its Bavarian coordinate, the CSU, constitute two separate parties. Therefore the CDU can never (what, never? well, hardly ever) overtake the SPD in the future; and most likely should never have done in the past. Well done, lads: with thinking like that, you can't lose!

The SPD apparently thought it necessary, in their last days in power, to demonstrate once more to the world precisely the level of political thought they had been bringing to German politics since 1998.
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