Saturday, September 24, 2005

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OXBLOG WILL PROTEST THE WAR TOMORROW! Well, to be more precise, OxBlog will attend the anti-war protest at the White House tomorrow in order to conduct interviews with the protesters and possibly write an article about the whole affair.

Now, I mentioned earlier this week that pointing out the dumbest arguments made by extremists on the other side of the political divide is neither an enriching nor an intellectually substantive activity. However, since ANSWER is one of the main organizers of the protest tomorrow, I figure I should provide all y'all with some information about what the group believes.

One of the first things I learned from ANSWER (courtesy of Ten Reasons Why We Oppose the War) was that "Iraq had no nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction -- and Bush knew it."

But the real treasure trove of strange delusions and apologias for the worlds' dictatorships is this eight page brochure that you can download as a PDF from the ANSWER website. Here are some highlights:
The global anti-war movement must be a movement of international solidarity against the U.S. empire. (Page 2)

The Iraqi people have a fundamental right to determine their own destiny...Since 1958 when a mass uprising overthrew the British-imposed king, Iraq has been a genuinely sovereign country. (Page 2) [I wonder of the sovereign Iraqi government committed any human rights violations after 1958. Unfortunately, the brochure doesn't say!]

The US kidnapping of President Aristide follows more than a century of U.S. intervention in Haiti...Since the election of Aristide to a second term in late 2000, with 92% of the vote, Washington has maintained economic sanctions against the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. (Page 3)[Wow, 92%. I bet ANSWER provided all of the elections monitors!]

From its inception in 1948, Israel has been a colonial state based on "ethnic cleansing"...[Israel] launched devastating wars against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. (Page 4)[That surprise attack on Yom Kippur in 1973 really took a lot of chutzpah!]

[The Cuban] revolution remains strong and is a source of inspiration for people throughout the hemisphere. (Page 6)

Korea has been punished ever since [1953] with economic sanctions and the occupation of the southern half of the country by 37,000 US soldiers. (Page 6) [Fortunately, the anti-US insurgency in South Korea hasn't inflicted too many casualties on our force.]

The [Bush] administration has launched a domestic war at home against the people of the United States that complements its global war for empire. (Page 7)[A war at home? Send the troops abroad now!]
Well there you have it folks. ANSWER in a nutshell. And don't forget to free Mumia!
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Somehow that short adage about "those who forget history are doomed..." (now, I may be misquoting the source but if you know what it then you also have no legitimate beef with my using it, as is).

ANSWER really believes that their recruits are so ignorant as to buy into the misinformation about Israel/Korea/Cuba ... fascinating.

SO what we will have is a subculture of unskilled (not to mention unwashed), unlearned, emotion-based people who will delight in seeing efforts at dismantling the United States -- yeah, that's a good thing, like, fer sure, dude ...

The Machiavellian nature of ANSWER's recruiting effort is disgusting. Seems appropriate that Ramsey Clarke (Former loser (oops attorney general!)) helps lead the organization.
Yeah they're a real bunch of fun-loving individuals, aren't they?

They don't care a whit about our troops, or about anybody. They're trying to overthrow the government.

Sometimes I wish I had aged in the '50's instead of being born in them. :)

The Mumia thing really gets to me. Convicted cop killer appeals and then the Supreme Court says: Fry you subhuman sos, and now suddenly people are demanding justice for him! He killed a cop in a city who's crime rate escalates hourly!
Aahh! Makes me want to tear my hair out!

What's wrong with this picture, I ask you?

I can't wait to join a Gathering of Eagles in two weeks. Maybe some of my pent up rage can be released finally. I'm just sayin...

Great blog, BTW!

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