Saturday, October 01, 2005

# Posted 8:09 AM by Patrick Belton  

BO DOES MULTINATIONALITY; OXBLOG DOES CASEWORK. OxBlog's good friend and drinking buddy BritPundit is going to the States, and wonders where he can find marmite. As I happen to be nibbling on marmite on my Swiss cheese as I write, I can attest to its abilities to render the most extravagant foreign dish much more pleasant to the British palate; a little known fact is that the early formal dinners of the East India Company were actually festooned by marmite curry and marmite masala. The first step is always to check with the local British consulate; they're reputed to keep emergency stores in reserve. If those prove depleted, there is a secret network of expatriate Brits always willing to lend a helping hand, in the Blitz spirit, in a true moment of marmite need along the dark lonely streets of, say, Saint Germain des Pres or Broadway. In New York, this underground culinary resistance is led by Myers of Keswick at 634 Hudson in Greenwich Village. There also is a cybernetwork, BritNet, offering more resources as well as instant late-night fixes of 'Conkers in the playground, listening with Mother, Sunday roasts after the pub, winning the world cup'. (As you see, they also have a taste for British fiction.) Use in good health!
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