Tuesday, October 04, 2005

# Posted 5:01 PM by Patrick Belton  

I LIKE (TORY, NOT RED) KEN: (Barbie available separately.) And this for the same reason I endorse Lieberman candidacies whenever they briefly exist and I have the chance: Ken Clarke strikes me as a man of intellect and moderation, likely to instil a politics of ideas and reasoned debate; he also is the only candidate for Tory leadership who looks even roughly like a Dublin publican, an even greater virtue. When 80 per cent of British voters feel that the Conservative Party is to the right of them, it is high time for the Tories to reinvent themselves or hock the place and go out of business - and an intelligent man at the political centre who promises no spin and straight talking may just be the one to do it. Proxime accessit: Sir Malcolm Rifkind. Shame he's out of the running watch: David Willetts. Favourite opposing view: David Aaronovitch, for fellow David David Cameron, but don't read if you're somewhere you can't afford to be heard laughing uproariously. Anybody but: Liam Fox, David Davis.
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