Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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NOT A PROTEST SONG BUT:* As a chicken-hawk, my impression of aircraft is generally this: they are slow, sluggish machines which are inside filled with bad food and evilly tiny portions of alcohol. However, then I moved to a writer's dacha in Switzerland, that hotbed of military muscle and home of acolytial Top Guns wearing flightsuits purportedly designed by Michelangelo. Switzerland, like many countries who watched Top Gun in the 80s, maintains an air force. Switzerland, like Singapore, maintains an air force which spend most of their time turning. One advantage, then, of being in das rural Berner Oberland is that one wakes each morning to flight shows of aircraft bursting through sonic booms, and performing manoeuvres of an unlikeliness of speed and deftness of turn that seem to approach physical impossibility, if not miracle. Must check expedia for a seat on one of those next time I head to Heathrow....

* Dylan reference. For Dylangate, incidentally, see here for underwhelment of the left and here for the underwhelment of the right with Scorsese's latest.
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I love to Travel Switzerland because Switzerland is so nice
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