Tuesday, December 06, 2005

# Posted 7:39 AM by Patrick Belton  

HAVING BEEN SCRIBBLING on lessons to be learned from Northern Ireland for not bunging up the same mistakes in counterterrorism twice, I was intrigued by Simon Kingston's piece in Magill on Gerry Adams's unique relationship with the Easterist tradition. My favourite quotes: (re Gerry) 'He is the first Republican leader to lie consistently in public about his relationship with the IRA.' (re republicanism after the death of Padraic Pearse) 'it fell to his apostolic successors to wrestle with the tough business of not being dead enough to avoid the awkward questions. ' The rest is all worth reading as well, leading up to his conclusion that Adams's platonic lie about his nights moonlighting as chief of the Army Council was tenable when it was convenient for all governments, but is no longer.
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