Saturday, December 24, 2005

# Posted 6:27 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

MERRY CHRISMUKKAH! And a happy new year to all. See you in 2006.
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Happy miscellaneous winter holidays to you, as well.
as a jew (ill let the christians speak for themselves) i find that combo of hannakuh and christmas offensive - the whole point of hannakuh is the jewisih refusal to be assimilated by the majority greek culture, just as caring jews will refuse to be assimilated by the larger christian culture. so if you as a jew dont give a shit whether your children are jewish, fine, thats your business, but dont defame my holiday in doing so. thanks
Agreed. I wish a hearty merry christmas to my christian friends and I mean it. However, I find the mingling of religous traditions troubling. That being said, I'm sure David is speaking tongue in cheek.
yes, my comment was tongue in cheek. it was meant as a reference to "the OC" on fox, which made the term "chrismukkah" popular a couple of years back. see this wikipedia entry for further details.
David, first, I'll draw fire by wishing everyone a Merry Fitzmas. Then when everyone jumps on me, you escape by posting something on wrestling.

Better yet, you could pitch a new character to Mr. WWE, Vince McMahon: the Assimilator. He doesn't just defeat his opponents, he integrates their cultures into his own. You know, sort of how the Roman, Ottoman, Greek, American and other successful empires have worked.

The ultimate grudge match for the Assimilator would be against his arch foe, the Xenophobe, who would speak with either a German or a Japanese accent. Or maybe some other accent.

David, this is your big chance with Vince.
Don't blow it.
God Jul! (Jul = scandinavian pre-christian winter feast involving a lot of pigs and alcohol.)
Or as my son and his buddies in the 6th grade say, squeezing in all the winter festivities, "Happy Chrismahannukwanzaakah!"
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