Sunday, December 18, 2005

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'THE NATION'S FIRST LIBERTARIAN STUDENT NEWSPAPER' is how the Pennsylvania Independent describes itself. Take a look.
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Pray tell, what is the difference between a Libertarian and a Republican?

For example, if a Libertarian and a Republican met in a bar, what would they argue about?
CS - for your answer, take a look at Mike Kole's blog Kole Hard Facts. He's currently comparing the major differences between Libertarians and Republicans. He's using the actions of the Republican officials in Hamilton County, Indiana to show what being a Republican official really means to the public. Hamilton County is one of the most "Republican" places in the nation. So there really shouldn't be any pressure to be "big government" types. However, their actions sure would make a big government Democrat proud.
A good example of what the differences are between libertarians (a political philosophy) and Republicans (a poltical party) can be observed in the Penn Indy article on Senator Rick Santorum (http://www.pennindy.com/index.php?id=1,17,0,0,1,0).

Libertarians are concerned with Rick's firm anti-choice stance on abortion, and apparent disregard for free-market principles.

Liberarians: free-markets, small government

Republicans (as of late): free-markets, big government
read that , sounds ok
cs, check out Jim Henley's blog. he's a full-throated critic of the president and gets driven up the wall when liberals assume that libertarians are GOP.
"if a Libertarian and a Republican met in a bar, what would they argue about?"

Gay rights

The Republican would complain about religion being removed from public schools. The Libertarian would complain that everyone should be removed from public schools
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