Thursday, December 22, 2005

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OXBLOG REUNITES! I just got back from the legendary Brickskeller, where I had the distinct privilege of seeing none other than Patrick Belton, in person, for the first time since he saved all of my worldly possessions from an auto wreck and then picked me up from the hospital back in September.

FYI, Brickskeller is a legend because of its mind-boggling selection of beers. Two years ago, in fact, the Guinness Book of World Records cited Brickskeller for serving more varities of beer than any other commercial establishment on Planet Earth. How many you ask? 1073.

Patrick and I were joined by Jeff Hauser, of the now defunct Hauser Report, who now does things like take Howard Dean on trips to Israel. (Literally. That's not the set up for some bizarre joke.)

Of course, the main activity of the evening entailed listening to Mr. Belton recount his bawdy personal adventures, absolutely none of which I would even think of recounting here on OxBlog, since this is a family values website. But if you encounter Mr. Belton in person, I'm sure he would be willing to share.

Unfortunately, Patrick is headed back to Europe in just a couple of days, so we may all have to wait a while for the chance to see him again. Here in the US, that is. But if any of you are up for a visit to Switzerland, Patrick would be glad to host you at his chalet. Ciao!
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I believe that the reason you should not tell Mr. Belton's stories is because I have a feeling only he could do those stories justice.

Maybe he could as a non-denominational-holiday/celebration-that-occurs-in-the-latter-part-of-december
I visited the Brickskeller in the late 80s. Not only is it famous for its variety of beers. It is also famous for its buffolo stew served in authentically rusty tin plates.
The Brickskeller is my favorite pub in DC! I can't wait to go back again someday; I want to prove it physically possible to sample every single beer on the menu!
This is entirely none of my business, but why do we never hear of Patrick's wife anymore?
I went to Brickskeller for the first time 2 weeks ago and, impressed as I was with the selection, was deeply disappointed I couldn't find my favorite brewery on the menu - the Deschutes Brewery in central Oregon. It brews some of the best beers I've ever had (my fave: Black Butte Porter), and while they're not hard to find in the Pacific Northwest, they're impossible to find in the DC area. I'm happy another great Oregon brewery, Rogue, can be found a few places here, but Deschutes deserves to be on Brickskeller's menu too.
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