Monday, December 12, 2005

# Posted 2:10 AM by Patrick Belton  

TWO MILLION OXBLOG READERS SERVED, AND COUNTING: You all are kind enough, through desert hailstorms, alpine avalanches, and Beltway legislative gridlocks, through thick (me) and thin (David, a certified half blue in karate who's never suffered his camera stolen), to read David's and my natterings on politics every day, together with those of our ever revolving casts of guest characters - the OxBlog equivalent of the South Park towlie, or the Simpsons' Kang and Kodos. So, we'd like to reward you, who day in and day out, through hard days of blog reading when you'd rather be out studying for exams, drafting cables, or running uphill, for assiduously reading this blog and helping us procrastinate with the extraordinary level of success we've had so far. Therefore, have a look at the number of OxBlog readers served at the bottom of this page. if you're the lucky reader when it turns '2,000,000', give or take a few million, take a screen shot or save it or have your mother or station chief write a note, and we'll send you...Swiss chocolate and some bit of tourist kit from Heathrow, defaced with the easily dry-cleanable graffiti 'hugs and kisses from OxBlog.' So happy reloading, and thanks so much for coming back here every day!

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Said, of course, as I skip the last day of classes before finals...

But alas, my grades are already cratered.

Anyhow, would anyone be willing to recommend good screen shot-taking software, just in case?
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