Friday, January 27, 2006

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AT TIMES, YOU HAVE TO ADMIT the other side in 'the conflict' may have some views worth listening to. So, even though she might wear Harvard sweatshirts, one of OxBlog's friends has a piece on Hamas's rise in the New York Times's op-ed page today, coauthored with Fotini Christia.

Also, for rather different perspectives, do see our Israel correspondent Emmanuele Ottolenghi, and IDF Brigadier Herzog.
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I am constantly amazed that supposedly educated people can voice opinions that are straight out of the 1930's.

"To be sure, the new Chancellor has not renounced his rather inflammatory book, but that was written a long time ago...Refusing to engage on the Sudetenland will only further legitimize the party; it could even give rise to violence. Moreover, continuing to impose the terms of Versailles on the Reich, which is already in a fiscal crisis and enormously dependent on foreign aid, could bankrupt it, further destabilizing the region."
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