Friday, January 13, 2006

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CAPITOL HILL JUMPS INTO THE 21ST CENTURY: Did you know that both the House Democrats and Senate Republican Conference do their own podcasts?

You can access both of them via the iTunes music store. In fact, you don't need an iPod to listen. If you just download iTunes' free software onto your computer, you can listen to podcasts there.

The Dems are clearly a step ahead on this front, since they've been podcasting since early last year, whereas the first GOP podcast came out this week. Not surprisingly, almost every one of the 12 GOP podcasts is about Sam Alito.

In contrast, the Democrats' podcasts cover a wide range of issues over the course of 32 episodes. Strangely, foreign policy is not one of them. If you read the brief descriptions of each podcast, it would seem that only one of them is clearly about foreign policy and one of them sort of.

The "sort of" podcast is Jane Harman talking about Plamegate. And which Democratic legislator was the only with a clear message to offer about foreign policy? You guessed it: John Murtha.

Now I'm not saying that Murtha represents the party on this one. Far from it. But this seems to be yet another indication that the Democrats are deeply divided, principally because of Iraq, and therefore perenially unable to address national security issues in any sort of coherent manner.

But who knows? If Jack Abramoff reveals enough, the Dems may have a good election day anyhow.
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