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CARIBBEAN OXBLEG: Even though it's been a mild winter, my girlfriend and I thought it might be nice to go somewhere for Presidents' Weekend in February. We were thinking somewhere in the Caribbean, although neither of us has ever been there, so we're not sure how to go about looking for the right place to stay.

If you have any recommendations about where to go -- which hotel, which city, which island, etc. -- you're advice would be much appreciated in the comments section. We're looking for a quiet place with a sandy beach, perhaps a few trails to go hiking on and some small towns to explore.
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Try the out islands in the Bahamas like Eleuthera and Exuma. Not too touristy, not too far, clear water, great for kayaking, bonefishing.
While it's been awhile so I won't be offering hotel recommendations, the best place in the Caribbean are the British Virgin Islands. I'd recommend Tortula, if only because most of the others are really expensive.

BTW, the British Virgins are a large gathering place for the Caribbean sailboating set, rental and owned. All in all a great set/group of people to party with.
Mike Daley
Hie thee hither & explore.


St.John in the US Virgin Islands sounds like exactly what you're looking for - some of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean and some great hiking in the National Park there. You can do the eco-tourist camping thing (Maho Bay), stay in nice resort (Caneel Bay or the Westin) or rent a villa (the way to go if you can afford it). There is also some of the best snorkeling around.
I would recommend Costa Rica. It has everything you want and more. It has sandy beaches, jungles, volcanos, quaint villages, white water rafting, trails, etc. etc. It is safe and just a couple of hours from Miami.
I've got to second Tortola. All the fun and beauty of Cayman without the $40.00 twelve packs of beer.

And consider renting a house if possible rather than a hotel.
Just be sure to check out how much hurricane damage there has been over the last two years where you decide to go--I spent a day in Grand Cayman on a cruise last winter and most of the palm trees were nearly horizontal and dying a slow death. It made what must ordinarily be a beautiful island slightly depressing.

If you're looking to really get away from it all, try Anguilla (rhymes with vanilla). It's a short ferry ride from St. Martin where you would fly into. Anguilla is usually thought of as a destination for the rich and famous because it is home to some extravagant resorts. But it also has a decent selection of moderate beach-front hotels. Keep in mind that you are going in the high season, so everywhere in the Caribbean will be expensive. The topography is flat, which is good for nightime breezes (you may not need A/C), and the beaches are stunning. What I loved about it is the isolation. Anguilla is truly one of the undiscovered gems of the Carribean. Be warned that this is not the place to go if you're looking for nightlife and shopping. There are two things to do on Anguilla: explore the beautiful beaches and eat. To cater to all those ritzy resorts, Anguilla has developed a reputation for some of the finest cuisine in the Caribbean. Anguilla is not for everyone, but is the place to go to find the unspoiled Caribbean.


We only spent a day on Barbados during a cruise, but it seemed great. Lots to explore, including one of the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere (and still functioning). Some nice museums too. Easy place to spend a morning doing touristing and an afternoon lazing.
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