Saturday, January 28, 2006

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FACTOID OF THE DAY: In the next week, the PA must cough up salaries to over 150,000 employees, but its treasury is empty. The fault is partially Fateh's: in the leadup to the election, it added thousands to the PA payroll in an attempt to win votes.
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The word of the day is dhimmi.
Why does it seem that there really is nobody with a brain over there in Palestine?
According to the 2005 CIA Factbook, the Gaza Strip has a population of 1,376,289 meaning that public employment of 150,000 is about 11% of population.

According to the Compendium of Public Employment 2002 - Census Dept, the United States has a population of 295,734,134 with a government workforce of 21,039,000 or about 7.1% of population.

And while the Palestinian Authority has no money, the US has become the world's largest debtor country. So it sounds like there aren't any brains in the White House either.
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