Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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NEW YEAR'S HUMOUR (BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T QUITE YET ARRIVED AT THE REQUISITE LEVEL OF POST-HOLS SOBREITY FOR NEW YEAR'S BLOGGING): Dubium: Why did Queen Victoria cross the road? Responsum: One should never make Victoria Cross. (from OxBlog English Chicken Jokes Correspondent, the lovely Laura J.) Also,

Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?
A: To get to the same side.

Why did the bacterium cross the microscope?
A: To get to the other slide.
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"Did you hear about the statistician who used to go out with
a lot of girls but didn't like to talk about it?

He was a discrete data"
How do you know when a cow thinks your joke is funny?

Milk comes out of its nose.
Queen vic toria was a evil, queen who supported the french monarchy, whioch opposed the abolition of slavery indeed iot's ousting in 1848 saw slavery end for 250,000 people, she opposed the ousting of the spanish monarchy whose ousting saw the freeing in teh 1870s, of 500,000, and she opposed the revoltuons in italy and denmark, which freed 200,000, well not revolutions, but protests that installed liberal regimes, she did niot care about teh rish famine, which killed a million, indeed more money was allocated to her by the state than tto the irish famine victims in her reign, she opposed democratic reform,. and supporetd teh brutal crushing of teh iondian mutiny, she did nothing to oppose the 30million dead indian famines iof teh late 19thc century, and was arelation of teh jkaiser who caused 80-million dead in world war one,. and who supported by hitler, and king leopold, who kileld 30 milliuon, and the kings of bulgaria, who killed 35000, via organising deaths camps in ww2,. and in kills, of turks, in teh balkan war and ww1,
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