Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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STATE OF THE UNION PREVIEW: I won't be live-blogging the address because I don't have cable and can't even get the networks on my set without it.

Anyhow, Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet expects Bush to deliver a tough, partisan address defending his established positions on Iraq, taxes, etc. Although Kusnet's tone is clearly partisan, I think his basic point makes sense: Bush is low enough in the polls right now that he can rack up some significant gainst just by appealing to disaffected Republicans.

Also looking ahead, Kevin Drum (citing Bruce Reed) says that the format of the opposition party's response ensures that it is always ineffective. The audience is inevitably tired after the President's long address. The majestic setting of the address always makes the President look good, whereas the opposition doesn't even get a studio audience.

Fair enough. I agree that no one should give Tim Kaine a hard time if he does a less than stellar job. All I'm really hoping for is that he'll take a clear position on Iraq. (Yes, that was a cheap shot.)
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You want SOTU live blogging? We got SOTU live blogging. Click link below.
you don't get any of the networks? or PBS?

I'd bet it's also webcast.
or on the radio!
The worst part about the 'response' is that it comes immediately after the address. Without time to consider the address, how could it even pretend to be a response?
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