Thursday, January 26, 2006

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TALKED WITH HANAN ASHRAWI downstairs just now. Not mincing words, she expressed utter disbelief in the Hamas 2.0 hypothesis, said she would not be open to joining a coalition with the party and told me that she thought Hamas would bring the West Bank and Gaza into theocracy. On the other hand, she'd just finished several months of running against the party. Take your pick.
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When it comes to Hanan Ashrawi, I would basically assume she is lying about anything, including telling me the sun will come up tomorrow.

When it comes to Hamas, I am keeping an open mind. They are a biggish tent of sorts, and who knows what will out in the end? And, frankly, Israel will find it much easier to fight or negotiate with people who openly declare their intentions, unlike the people (like Ashrawi) who talk all good sense in English in inernational fora and then fight tooth and nail against any move forward at home.
hanan will soon go into exile or have her head up a burka or cut off.

anyone who thinks hamas will reform has their head up something else.
and i mean you angua.

hamas will talibanize the territories as israel completes separation unilaterally.

who's the winner then!?
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