Monday, January 30, 2006

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TIM RUSSERT IS EVIL! Fancy that. An entire blog devoted to exposing one of my favorites, Tim Russert, as the journalistic Antichrist. And by a staunch lefty, to boot.

Now, you know what I think about the left attacking the media for favoring conservatives. It's pure comedy.

But now I'm beginning to think that it's a good thing to have the left on the warpath, since they are going to air out even more of the media's dirty laundry and thus help to puncture the aura of omniscience that journalists carry around with them.
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Not evil, vacuous. He practices soft access journalism. We need term limits for the Fourth Estate.

Perhaps what Cato (via Plutarch) said about the stupidity of Romans applies more generally: "It can only be supposed either that you do not think the office itself is of much consequence, or else that you believe there are very few men capable of filling it." (BTW, I think that my boy Cato probably rolls over in his grave at the thought of the Cato Institute being named for him.)
Why is it pure comedy, especially when we're talking about TV? There are plenty of conservatives hosting television shows on the news networks, but no liberals. (Olbermann is the closest thing, and Jon Stewart is on Comedy Central.) Do you disagree? It's not terribly unusual for the Sunday talk shows to go through a program without talking to any liberals. Ann Coulter is on TV damn near every week; there's no remotely similar figure on the left.

In the past two weeks, Chris Matthews has joked about "Fudgepack Mountain", compared Michael Moore to Osama bin Ladin, said the domestic spying is a big political winner for Bush, said that Latinos are "natural Republicans" because many of them are entrepreneurs, and said that Ted Kennedy basically molested Samuel Alito's wife (when he has never touched or even spoken to her, as far as anyone knows.) He has a permanent panel with no liberals on it: it's Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough, Rita Cosby and himself. He said that everyone likes Bush, except a few wackos. I don't watch "Hardball", so maybe this is cherry-pickin, but it sure doesn't sound like a left-wing show.

Media Matters is a little trigger-happy, sure. But to me, it isn't self-evidently "pure comedy" to complain about this stuff. Why do you think it is?

(If you don't want to discuss this, I understand; I get tired of talking about media bias, too. But you brought it up.)
I used to watch Chris alot and thought is was a pretty balanced guy, but of late he has swung to the right pretty hard.

Not sure why that is, but it seems to happen with all of these stations of late.

Unfortunately the Democratic Party can't quite find a leader to carry their message. They have a good message to tell, they just need to start telling it!
Chris Matthews is a disgrace. He is so busy smooching up to Republicans it makes the head spin. It has make him very rich, he has a vacation house in Nantucket, and he gets to screw all those college coeds when he speaks on campus. Do you think he bleaches his hair?
1:51 Chris Matthews hasn't swung right. I watch his show almost everyday, and trust me he is not a right-winger. There is an article about the "message" at theweeklystandard.com you might enjoy.(seriously, I am not just being a dick.)

Ted, the pannel has three idiots, and nobody anywhere cares what Tucker thinks about anything. The comment about natural republicans was true because part of every immigrant group moved here to start a business and make a better life for themselves. If you moved here for to build a better life for you and your children you probably would not be interested in a semi-socialist state. You are cherry picking. Why the fuck would you want an Ann Coulter of the left? I am a little right of center and I wish she would disappear. If you want to listen to shrill morons you might enjoy Katrina Van Den whatever from the nation. She delivers the best Chewbacca Defense on TV. (sorry about the rant)

2:07 isn't it standard for N.E. democrats to have a vacation house on Nantucket?
What bilge! Chris Matthews is just leaning to the powers that be. It's taken five years for him to realize that Clintoon is no longer in power. He'll go right back to the left if a Dem gets the White House in 2008. And every anchor and 95% of reporters are liberal. Seen 60 minutes lately? Stephanopoulos is a conservative? Russert? What are you guys smoking? Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and the Dems in Congress get more coverage than any Republicans. And how many libertarians or objectivists even get a chance to say a word anywhere?
I think Republicans get plenty of coverage, especially lately. Abramoff, Rove, Lay, DeLay, Libby, Cunningham, Burns ... heck, even former IL Gov. Ryan ... have all "enjoyed" extra media exposure lately. Notice the connection?

What's appalling about Matthews, as cs said, is the vacuity it requires to think and talk about politics the way that he does. Rather than being dignified or even informative, Matthews is just a popularity hound. And just like so-called patriot O'Reilly, he's busy barking at squirrels while the crook steals your lawnmower.

All those plastic-surgeried camera-clowns need to stop polluting our discourse. They belittle us so much with their small-minded condescension and pimp out our history so thoroughly to the perspective of their employers that I for one doubt the sincerity of their patriotism. Their American ideology resembles nothing more than aping school spirit to suck up to the richest kids in the cafeteria. I say we ignore them until they go away.
One should write off the Tim Russerts, and the Chris Matthews' of the world (along with the O'Reillys, Hannitys, and Colmes')as rating whores.

They no longer qualify as journalists. No more than the NYT and the WP qualify any longer as "honest" newspapers.

So, let us ignore the noxious garbage that is being spewed on a regular basis by the anchors of the time, and the pathetic timidity of major newspapers to publish hard facts.

If these clowns do not have an audience, they will soon disappear into the reeking cave from which they emerged in the first place.
I emailed MSNBC and suggested they do frequent urine toxiciology tests on Mr Matthews. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and he spurts along like a typical drug user.

After all, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are manic nutballs who make all kinds of insane rants and they turned out to be high as kites. Matthews sounds just like them.


Check for drugs.
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