Monday, February 27, 2006

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THE CASE FOR PESSIMISM: Suzanne Nossel is edging toward the conclusion that our troops are accomplishing nothing, so it's time to bring them home. Suzanne thinks for herself and doesn't just follow her party's conventional wisdom on the subject, so that's interesting. Also, more pessimism here and here from Kevin.

Meanwhile, the NY Post reports that Suzanne's co-blogger and former Clinton speech writer Heather Hurlburt has signed onto to Hillary's campaign. Although the Post spins Hurlburt as "hawkish", I agree with Paul Glastris that she just isn't. Heather is very serious about security and often criticizes her own party for its failures on that account, but that is plenty different from being hawkish.
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I must say I am very disappointed that Suzanne Nossel and Kevin are moving towards the pessimism column so quickly.

I dont think the tipping point has reached either way yet - good or bad - for Iraq.

The shrine bombing has not led to an all out war (yet), and I think Bill Roggio at Fourth Rail does a very good job at identifying the signs when all is lost in Iraq.

Strategists and analysts need to take the long view if they are to be of any use. The past days in Iraq have been a shock to the system, but it could of been far far worse.

I think things in Iraq are in a stalemate, but depending on your position that means the glass is half empty or half full.

Considering we cant go back once we pull out, let's stay until we know for sure the glass is only a quater-full.
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