Saturday, February 25, 2006

# Posted 9:17 AM by Patrick Belton  

CIVIL WAR IMMINENT! UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN AT FAULT! I'm referring, of course, to Dublin city centre, where a unionist-inflected victims' group and Republican Sinn Féin counterprotesters are having a love-in ('Love Ulster Parade'). See Slugger and, well, Slugger (and commentors) for some of the absurdities bubbling out in the run-up to the Love Parade (q.v. Willie 'take pills and convert to Catholicism' Frazer). See also Auds for a round-up of the Irish blogosphere on this. The Unionist protestors' basic tenet is reasonable enough, if somewhat motivated by questionable point-scoring - they're calling for another enquiry into efforts by then-ministers Charles Haughey and Neil Blaney to arm the Provos during the early troubles in 1969-1970 (c.f. Taoiseach Jack Lynch in the Dáil Éireann), which happened, though nothing compared with the Armalite waterfall from Libya and, well, the United States. What use there is in reopening this wound from thirty-six years ago is anybody's guess, but I suppose everyone needs hobbies.

Still, well done the mobs in O'Connell Street for getting my homeland back in the news just when the peace process was in such danger of dropping out of the headlines and being taken over by those Middle Eastern upstarts. 5-2 odds on someone silly on telly tonight denying Bloody Sunday or calling for Irish relocation, orange or green, to the Western Sahara.
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"I suppose everyone needs hobbies."

And sure there's no better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon than fighting for an United Ireland by beating up Irish Gardai, looting Irish shops and practising your aim with the petrol bombs you brought with you - just in case.
I see that nobody from the blog actually reads this stuff, otherwise the comment spam would have been killed, but I'll toss in my NSHO anyway.

A pox on both their houses was my attitude for 40 years or so - ever since I was old enough to understand what was happening- up to about 10 years ago, when it looked like they might grow up.

That attitude can return. So what, you say? The change in that attitude is why many major US corporation are willing to invest there; bring it back, and you can kiss Intel, et al, goodbye.

This from a typical Heinz-57 american, who's got both Orange and Mick in his ancenstry.
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