Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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IF TED KOPPEL WERE DEAD, HE'D BE ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE: I haven't listened to many Nightline podcasts after discovering just how quickly Martin Bashir was able to run ABC's historic franchise into the gutter. But I ran out of content on my iPod today and decided to listen to some of last week's shows on the way home from work.

Yes, there are still some good segments, especially with Terry Moran. But the trash is there too. On the February 17th broadcast [transcript for sale here] the show began with an in-depth report on the rise of cellphone pornography. What classic lowbrow reporting. Alleged news as the pretext for letting millions of viewers listen to ring tones that consist of a porn star moaning.

Although there are millions of web sites devoted to porn, there are very few serious news shows left on network television. If Ted Koppel were still around, I don't think Ron Jeremy would be getting airtime on Nightline.
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Or am I just burnishing the Koppel myth? It's not as if I watched Nightline all that often during Ted's 25 years.

Maybe when he wasn't reporting about the Middle East Koppel found time for porn stars.
I was a Koppel fan. He may be doing friedman type investigations on the discovery channel. Tits for them if the do it.
Hey, don't be dissin' Ron Jeremy. His existance was a ray of sunshine to many a young man: "If anyone that short, that ugly and that hairy can be a pornstar, there's hope for me yet!"
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