Monday, February 13, 2006

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INSIDE HILLARYLAND: Ryan Lizza of TNR draws a map of the empire. Lizza never says exactly what he thinks of Sen. Clinton's sprawling enterprise, but his tone suggests resentment of an operation driven by a thirst for power and very few principles.
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I would characterize this as a puff piece, because there is nothing critical of Hillary in it and much that is warm and fuzzy. It does not drive out of my mind all the other reports from associates of Hillary in the past, especially the book by former FBI (or Secret Service) agent Aldridge. That's the one about pornographic Christmas tree ornaments, throwing lamps, and marching down the halls with nothing but snarls for anyone. I also find it hard to forget her ugly assumption Billy Dale was "knocking down" at the travel office, and thus deserved jail, in order to clear the travel office for her friends to knock down there. She's bad news, and the 100-1 commodity futures caper was just one of several instances of her venality. Her character is so bad I can't get interested in her political opinions.
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