Friday, February 24, 2006

# Posted 3:08 PM by Patrick Belton  

OPEN QUESTION TO COMMENTORS: Has anyone yet had a chance to hear the Arctic Monkeys? They seem to be more popular, if not than Jesus, then at least one or two of the lesser lights of Christianity - St James the Less, say, or the Virgin Mary Cheese.
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Report: National Public Radio here in the Philadelphia area is fully in the thrall of these Arctic Monkeys, and appears to be hell-bent on forcing them upon unwitting listeners. To the tune of two entire stories per day on the band. (Really.) My compact disc player, consequently, has gotten a workout.

standard issue modern rock. very overhyped. "Newsworthy" because they apparently did a lot of internet marketing before releasing an actuall CD in stores which sold (sells) like gangbusters.
I happened to end up with a few of their songs on my computer. Since my listening tastes usually range from folk to old country music, I don't know much about new music. That said, AM is pretty good. I am a fan of Fake Tales of San Fransisco and few others. Well worth the time.
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