Monday, February 13, 2006

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SO IT ISN'T GENOCIDE NOW? The administration seems intent on avoiding responsibility for Darfur, and Europe is glad to have the situation swept under the carpet. That is exactly why hundreds of thousands died in Bosnia and then again in Rwanda.

Once again, the civilized world has forgotten its sacred commitment: Never again.
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Let's be honest. "Never again" doesn't actually mean "never again will we sit by and let a country commit genocide;" it means something a lot more like "never again will Nazi Germany kill 6 million Jews in early-mid 1940's Europe." What's happening in Darfur may be (well, is, IMO) shameful, but referencing "never again" as a clarion call for action isn't really saying anything.
Hey David, thanks for pointing this out. I have a response to the article up. Main point is that this represents an alignment of the neoconservative's lack of strategic interest in Africa and the competing (within the administation) Rumsfeld/Cheney position not to engage in humanitarian interventions.
On topic, there is this article from the WaPo today.

"Larger Darfur Force Needed, Bush, Annan Say

President Bush and U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan agreed on the need for a bigger, more mobile peacekeeping force in Sudan's troubled Darfur region during a White House meeting yesterday, but Annan made no specific requests for U.S. military help.

Speaking to reporters after the Oval Office session, Annan said it is premature to ask for more than a general commitment from the United States until the United Nations determines what it needs for the planned peacekeeping force in Darfur."
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