Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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BLOGOSPHERE CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: Lo and behold, I ran into Matt Yglesias while waiting for the bus just north of DuPont Circle. We were each wearing our respective professional uniforms. A grey suit for me (a Polo, mind you), and a rumpled corduroy sport jacket for Matt.

Everyone has their own blog now, Matt says. But what will happen when literally everyone in America has their own blog?, Matt asked. I didn't have a good answer for him then, but maybe it will be like e-mail. We take it for granted that all adults except senior citizens have e-mail accounts. Maybe it will be the same with blogs.

On a related note, at what age do children now get their first e-mail account? Instead of parents bragging about how young their children were when they learned to read, will they brag about how young the kids were when they sent their first e-mail? Are there special simplified e-mail programs out there for kids, the way there used to be little plastic telephones?

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The day when everyone has their own blog will never come. While I'm perfectly happy to peruse the thoughts and deeds of others, there's already plenty of it going around without my tossing something out there. And I know there are plenty who feel the same.
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