Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is a charming novel that hit the NYT bestseller list in 2003. It is the story of Andrea Sachs, an aspiring writer just out of college who accepts a job as personal assistant to the extraordinarily demanding and just plain bitch-from-hell editor of New York's #1 fashion magazine.

In the book, the magazine is called Runway and the editor Miranda Priestly, but it's really just a thinly veiled satire of Vogue and its notorious editor, Anna Wintour. It seems that the book's author, Lauren Weisberger actually worked for Wintour for a time.

Now, since my girlfriend is something of an aspiring fashionista, so I bought it for her as part of a birthday gift-package a few months back. But now that I've been somewhat bitten by the fashion bug, I decided to read the book myself. Moreover, it is a book that lives and breathes New York and you all know that I love New York.

My advice to go ahead, read the book, and have some fun. It's not serious literature, but that's why it's so enjoyable. I may even go see the film.
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