Friday, March 17, 2006

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GASP! Harvard professors find U.S. Middle East policy is affected by the Israel lobby. They sure are smart, those Harvard professors. I feel inspired now to crack on with grad school.
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Fortunately, there's a limit to how much damage a single article like the one in the LRB can do. But I do wonder whether it's representative of a more general trend. It would be worrisome if it were.
Quod est demonstratum.
"Quod est demonstratum." No. QEDingDong. The reason it would be worrisome is that it would be bad to see more sore losers like Walt and Mearsheimer dealing with setbacks for their agenda by blaming conspiracies. Bad for Jews and Israel, yes, but mainly bad for the US insofar as the setbacks are due to Walt's and Mearsheimer's patently and dangerously flawed premises, not to the power of "the Lobby."
Not that this makes things any better, but..

Mearsheimer is at U. Chicago.
Harvard will be telling us next that in fact Bush, Blair Sharon and all believe they are the direct decendents of Christ (whoever he was)
See here


for a letter in response to Walt's and Mearsheimer's article.
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