Sunday, March 19, 2006

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GAZA DOES ATKINS: Bread shortages after Israel elects to put Palestinians 'on a diet.' New cabinet is announced today (stud list), somewhat controversially including Zahar as FM although space is left to backtrack with roundly respected think tanker Ziad Abu Amr taking the slot in his stead. Maryam Salih gets the women's affairs portfolio she was prepped for throughout the campaign. There's also a Bethlehem Christian (Tannus Abu Aita, at tourism), and space left for PFLP if they get out of jail free accept. Elsewhere, Israel kills a ten-year old girl for as usual perfectly valid-sounding military reasons, though curiously no mention on the New York Times's Middle East page. Downing Street though offers ritual Lenten compunction following the St Patrick's Day break after the walls at Jericho came a-tumbling down.

And in the English press, more useful headlines on Angry Young Muslims and Palestinian Fury.
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