Sunday, March 12, 2006

# Posted 2:53 PM by Patrick Belton  

GERMAN HUMOUR. A NEW FEATURE ON OXBLOG. YOU VILL ENJOY OR ELSE! From an advert. Scene: a German submarine, full as it would be of seamen, curtain rises upon an admiral replete with pointy hat instructing a thick new recruit in his controls. Exit admiral. Recruit begins reading his lad mag. From emergency communications device, begins transmission in RP English 'mayday, mayday, we are sinking.' Recruit laconically looks up, then returns to Angelina. Repeat transmission 'mayday, mayday &c,' to similar effect. Transmission begins a third time, 'mayday, mayday we are sinking.' Recruit picks up microphone, and replies 'vat are you sinking about?' Screen shifts to image of ship going under, with text 'Improve your English! berlitz.com' (significantly less funny in actual clip!)

If you did not enjoy this post, ve are wery wery sorry.
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oh come on, like you thought it actually linked to something
Try this one.


CAUTION: Language! NOT work safe.
How much is 5q plus 5q? You're velcome.
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