Sunday, March 19, 2006

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HAVE YOU BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM OVERSTOCK.COM? They have a fantastic deal on a Schwinn 127p exercise bike, marked down from $900 to $450. But I'm hesitant to spend that much online from a company I know little about. So if you have any experience with them, I'd be glad to hear about it.

FYI, I've tried to see what people are saying online about Overstock, and the reviews are very mixed. They get great scores from BizRate, mediocre to poor ones at Yahoo! and terrible ones at at Reseller Ratings. Moreover, there seems to be a downward trend in the numbers.

Also, if you have any thoughts about Schwinn, those would be welcome as well.
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I've two bicycles in England, and as neither is a bicycle built for 0.5, you'd be more than welcome to cycle one over to Washington. I'd even throw in snow tyres for the arctic portions, though I suppose you could just do circles around the Queen Mary and it would still count.
If you have a road bike, why not consider a pair of rollers instead? Kreitler makes some good rollers and they are a heck of a lot cheaper than an exercise bike.

Riding on rollers looks difficult, but after you get the hang of it, it is quite easy and your balance will improve ten fold (I can now balance on a bike at a complete standstill--try it sometime and you'll see what I'm talking about).

Kreitler rollers on ebay are sub $200 and a lot less hassle to store than an exercise bike.
Don't you live in DC? That's one of the most bikeable cities in the US. You should get a real bike and leave the "exercycle" to the elderly who are afraid of the streets.


I bought some stuff i.e. apparel from overstock. A highly discounted store relative to other online stores. The deliveries are quite prompt. But I agree with Jeff that perhaps you should opt for a real bike rather than a stationary one. My experience was: I ended up piling clothes on it and forgot that I had a bike especially when the bike is adjacent to the bed or laundry room..or basement. Good luck.
Wait, you're planning on spending over $400 on a new exercise bike? Stop. Do Not Pass Go.

You can surely find a great used one for way under a hundred bucks (and it'll be almost new, as it will still be when you re-sell it some years down the road).
Thanks for all the advice. First of all, I also happen to be in the market for a road bike, but since there are so many good bike shops in DC, I don't think I'll order it online.

Also, the selection of used stationaries on Craig's List seems a little thin, so the question is how long I'm willing to wait to get what I want.

Finally, rollers. I like having a LCD display with all those gewgaws and doodads on my exercise bike, so I don't mind spending some money.

Thanks again!
We have bought a "duvet cover", a mattress pad and a off lease Dell Optiplex from Overstock.com. In all cases the products shipped promptly (and cheaply). The Optiplex was not packed well, but survived the trip and is powering a milling machine happily. My wife loves the duvet cover, although as a man I still have no idea what it is.
do not buy anything from Overstock. I bought a watch - it arrived in a non-working condition. It took over a month to get credit for the purchase and they would lie about that credit everytime I talked to them. Not to be trusted!! Better to buy from someone else. Never buy from Overstock.com
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