Friday, March 17, 2006

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OLD SCHOOL ESTABLISHMENT REACHES OUT TO BLOGOSPHERE: I got an interesting (mass) e-mail today from the Council on Foreign Relations. Its main purpose was to announce the RSS feeds now available on the CFR website, to be followed soon by podcasts.

But what really struck me was this line from the e-mail:
"One of our main goals in this initiative is to get the blogosphere to recognize that, in spite of its well-known disdain for the MSM, there are organizations determined to pursue a serious, nonpartisan approach to presenting facts and analysis vital to understanding our complex world," said cfr.org Executive Editor Michael Moran.
Moran seems to have chosen his words carefully in order to avoid suggesting that he shares this disdain for the MSM. Nonetheless, the idea that CFR, the ultimate pillar of the foreign policy establishment, is trying to score points with the blogosphere by comparing itself favorably with the MSM is pretty amazing.

Even referring to the "MSM" instead of the "mainstream media" or some other term represents a major rhetorical concession. It would seem that we barbarians are now well inside the gates.
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It would seem that we barbarians are now well inside the gates."

Not yet. You'd have to see what the CFR is saying to the MSM to be sure.

But you'll know for sure the barbians are inside the gates when the foreign policy establishment is finally willing to compete in the world of ideas, not pedigrees.

RSS feeds are a good start - but since they are one-way communciations only, they are just a start.
inside the gates? i hardly think so. don't be so easily snookered.

barbarians will be inside the gates when the cfr and foggy bottom are purged from top to bottom.

i don't look for that to happen any time soon.

however, i will grant you this: we are AT the gates ... and that SCARES these folks!
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