Thursday, March 09, 2006

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REALIST CALLS FOR DIVERSITY: Paul Staniland is a PhD candidate at MIT who has often sought to defend realism from OxBlog's scurrilous charges. On Tuesday, Paul and a colleague of his published an op-ed in the CS Monitor calling for the US to ensure that more Sunnis became a part of the Iraqi armed forces.

I certainly agree with this objective in principle. As an idealist, I even tend to agree that it may be possible. But if I were a realist, I might ask Paul whether a Sunni community that seems to support the insurgents regardless of how brutal they are will provide a sufficient number of recruits for an army trained by Americans and dominated by the Shi'ites.

Perhaps after the insurgents lay down their arms, they can become a part of the armed forces.
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And how, exactly, should the US "insure" that there are more Sunnis in the army? A draft?
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