Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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CHEERLEADER CHRIS MATTHEWS: Thankfully, I haven't included any photos. Actually, what I'm talking about is Matthews' interview last night with Tony Zinni, who caught OxBlog's attention this Sunday on Meet the Press. As you may recall, some folks think that Chris Matthews is a shill for the hard right. Media Matters has even put out a report entitled "Hardball for the left, softball for the right." Well, here is one of the hard, unfair questions that Matthews asked the liberal Zinni:
It seems to me that the intel [about Iraqi WMD] was pushed by Chalabi, the neo-conservatives, Scooter Libby, the vice president, Wolfowitz. All those guys were pushing, pushing, pushing the people on the outside like Bill Kristol, pushing, and pushing and pushing us into this war starting around 1998.

You know, Bill Cohen said the other day, defense secretary, that he was told back in 2000 when they lost the election in the Supreme Court that the first thing Cheney wanted to do was go after Iraq. He wanted all the intel on Iraq, nowhere else in the country. So to blameā€”is it fair to blame Rumsfeld for carrying out a widely held mission?
Aha! Caught defending Rumsfeld!
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just read your post. very informative.
safecutt says
I watched Mathews show until it became a battering ram against the Right. In all honesty, I can only assume that the site negative to Matthews you referred to is a plant to bring back some of the conservative viewers.

Paranoia. Maybe. But the only right of left guests on his show have to be almost belligerent to get a point across.
Bill Cohen's comment's could probably be put in the same box as what a gay friend of mine said just after Bush took office in 2000. My friend worked for the federal government and he said that the first thing Bush would do is sack all the gays. He is still working for the federal government.
Since when is Tony Zinni a liberal?

Guess we can call WF Buckley a "liberal", too.
i dunno, some idjit on I think Belgravia Disp was all happy on how Zinni would likely get a position in a Dem admin. I think hes quoted so much by Iraq war doves, that one somehow gets the impression hes a liberal. Kinda the way some folks think Christopher Hitchens is a conservative.
Tony Zinni liberal? Come on, you may disagree with him but that goes beyond a stretch!
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