Thursday, April 06, 2006

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IS OXBLOG COMPLELTELY OUT OF TOUCH? I just got back from a drinking session with William "Bill" Beutler, formerly of the National Journal's Blogometer. Talking to him makes me think I'm completely out of touch.

For example, who knew that Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) had slugged a cop for no good reason? I said to Bill that the mainstream must've missed the story. He promptly replied that it had been on CNN and everywhere. Blaming the MSM for my own ignorance. How embarrassing. (I blame the beer.)

Fortunately, I was aware of recent testimony on the Hill by reformed kiddie-porn star Justin Berry. For that, I owe thanks to ABC, the first of the Big Three networks to put one of its newscasts online in video podcast format. Unfortunately, it isn't the flagship broadcast World News Tonight, but rather the webcast entitled World News Now.

Yes, it's fluffy. Like a sheep. But I've really gotten fed up with NBC Nightly News, which only posts the audio track from its evening broadcasts. And since the images are the only thing that have real news value, I couldn't sustain my interest.
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I don't want to pile on, but I tend to flip through all three of the network evening news broadcasts (I don't have cable), and they all gave heavy and major coverage of the kid's Congressional testimony as one of the leading early stories, tipped in the Big Stories lead-in at the start of the program, as did all the local tv news shows, and the morning tv news shows, and all the major and minor newspapers. They all hammered Justin Berry like crazy.

And McKinney has been one of the top three stories on every political blog I've read in the last three days or so, which is to say, dozens that I've read, and thousands that I've not -- for goodness sakes, don't you even look at sites like Memeorandum or Blogpulse or Technorati or digg or on and on? The only thing surpassing McKinney has been the Libby/Bush thing.

But I didn't meant to pile on. But, yeah, it's seems quite peculiar that you've not noticed if you're paying any attention to political blogs and news. Sorry about that.
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