Monday, April 03, 2006

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SUNDAY MORNING ROUND-UP: John McCain was the headliner on NBC, followed by Gen. (Ret.) Anthony Zinni. Dick Durbin and Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, were on CBS. Finally, Barack Obama and George Allen were on ABC.
John McCain: B+. It was a masterful performance up until Russert started forcing McCain to confront his recent courtship with the Republican right. If McCain had simply admitted that compromise is necessary, he would've been fine. Instead, he kept insisting his overtures to his old nemesis Jerry Falwell are a matter of principle. I wish my guy had done better.

Tony Zinni: B. A solid rendition of the Democratic party line on Iraq. Definitely a potential cabinet member in a Democratic administraiton. But Russert only threw softballs, so who knows what's he like underpressure?

Dick Durbin: B-. Meandering. The debate was about immigration and for once, I find myself on the same side as Durbin. But he kept hitting the wrong notes, such as emphasizing our dependence on undocumented labor rather than the ideal of earning citizenship through hard work.

James Sensenbrenner: B-. A one-note band. No compromise with illegal immigrants. They broke the law. Period. But what about the 12 million already here?

Barack Obama: B-. You'd think it would be easy for Obama to make an inspirational case for immigration reform. But he was just as blah as Durbin and often tripped by Stephanopoulos.

George Allen: B-. Same as Sensenbrenner. For law and order. No plan for dealing with facts on the ground.
And now for the hosts:
Russert: B. Gave McCain a better challenge than anyone I've seen, but then lay down for Zinni. What gives?

Schieffer: B. The usual.

Stephanolpoulos: A-. Once again, he is willing to get tough on pro-immigration pols (despite his presumable support for reform).
Given my strong support for immigration reform, I can't get too worked up about the fact that the media is spinning the story hard as a case of moderate reformers versus angry right-wingers who can't accept the facts on the ground. Still, I prefer even-handedness.
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Do you think people like GS have their minds made up about how to play this issue? much less what they would do if they were king?
If you agree with Dick Durbin on immigration, I would strongly advise doing a bit more research.

DD is a co-author of the "DREAM Act". That would give "undocumented" immigrants discounted college educations.

It sounds so humanitarian and just downright good, doesn't it?

Except, the DREAM Act would take discounted college educations away from U.S. citizens and give them to illegal aliens. Oh, and by so doing it would devalue the worth of American citizenship.

So, please do a bit more research before supporting anything from DD.
It is fair to say my statement of support for Durbin was imprecise. My point is that he is on the same side as John McCain and the same side as the President, which I see as the right side of the issue.

And Matthew, my suspicion is that Stephanopoulos and Russert know exactly what they would do if they were President. I take Schieffer to be more humble.
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