Sunday, April 09, 2006

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THE US MILITARY -- MADE IN CHINA: Last week I stopped by Fort America, the gift shop at the Pentagon. On display right atop a table at the front of the store were little blue boxes for holding commemorative coins. On the front they were stamped with a big gold eagle. The boxes were then wrapped in cellophane and adorned with a noticeable sticker saying "Made in China".

Another bit of irony, one perhaps more tragic than humorous, was that both "Vietnam Veteran" hats I saw were, of course, made in Vietnam. Imagine that somewhere in Hanoi an old guerrilla commander is now making a good living for himself by marketing those hats.

Or imagine that an orphan who lost her parents to an American napalm attack is now working twelve-hour days in one of those factories, stitching memorabilia for sale to veterans. Reconciliating is a very strange thing, indeed.
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Your admiration for the president is affecting your otherwise excellent English skills. I believe the word you're looking for is reconciling.

You would hope that items sold would be USA made.
No he wouldn't, we're happy when Americans can't get jobs: it means more jarheads.
Those Vietnamese are much more likely to have lost their parents to Viet Namese communist assassination teams and death camps.
That orphan would be in his mid thirtys at this point.

But I agree, it would be better to make the trinkets in th US, and let the bastard starve.
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