Thursday, May 25, 2006

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BLOGGING FROM AMISH COUNTRY: David here, coming at you from Carlisle, PA home of the US Army War College. I'm here for a conference on homeland security. The highlight so far has been my $50 per diem, which has allowed me to eat very well, especially since breakfast and lunch are free.

Since I happen to be so close to Lancaster, PA, I couldn't help but wonder whether there is much of an Amish presence in the blogosphere. It turns out, the whole Amish-on-the-internet shtick is pretty cliche, but there are still many good laughs to be had. For example, there is the following e-mail, announcing the spread of the Amish Virus:
You have just received the Amish Virus.

Since we do not have electricity or computers, you are on the honor system.

Please delete all of your files.

Thank thee.
Rumor has it that Jimmy Carter lost all of his files to the Virus. Perhaps ol' Jimmy should call Amish Tech Support for help.

According to one expert quoted by the NYT, there actually was an Amish blog at one point, but apparently no more. I'm guessing it all went downhill when the author switched from cable to wireless, only to discover that there aren't many hotspots in his village.

But what I really want to know is, do the Amish make fun our obsession with technology? What kind of jokes do they tell about us? Here are some examples I came up with:
Q. Did you hear about all the people on the airplane?
A. The plane crashed and they all died! Hahaha!

Q. Did you hear about the graduate student with an old PC?
A. His hard drive crashed and he lost his entire dissertation!

Q. Did you hear about the birth control pill?
A. [Stampede to local pharmacy.]
At least technology isn't all bad.
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You are so close, hopfully you will, with your significant other/whatever, go forth to Reading,Pa and enjoy the previously recommended Stokesay Castle.

Thank thee.

The Amish do not use "thee" and "thou." Quakers do, but Quakers are entirely different than Amish.

The Amish generally do not use the Internet because they eschew electricity and telephonic systems. However, a few use computers in their businesses.
What goes:
Bang! Bang!
ClopClopClopClopClopClop ?

Amish drive-by
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