Thursday, May 11, 2006

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CRASH: Earlier this evening, I finished watching the film that won the Oscar for Best Picture this past January. If I had known nothing about the film before watching it, I would've liked a lot more. But since I had great expectations, I found it hard to look past the film's holier-than-thou political correctness and manufactured melodrama.

If there is one great redeeming aspect of the film, it is Don Cheadle's performance. I can't exactly explain it, but you can't not like the guy.
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Fact-check Fascist says: it won in March, not January.

And I found Cheadle surprisingly tepid. And it was loaded with political INcorrectness, which was what gave the film its hook and its abrasive friction. As for manufactured melodrama... whew! Right on that one.
March is correct. Not sure how I came up with January.
It had a lot of great dialog and intense scenes, which these days is apparently enough to win an award.

Personally, I'm getting really tired of fimmakers who use creative editing to try to dress up a boring or non-existant story.
Don Cheadle is amazing at transmisting a message almost like a best buddy when he plays a role. His delivery in this film was excellent and well how can you not love that first opening scene quote.
As an Angeleno of 20 years (in an inter-racial marriage), I came away from Crash with mixed feelings. As a purely fictional story, I liked it quite a bit. But as any kind of commentary on the way LA is (which I do believe the filmmakers intended, judging from interviews I've read), I think it misses the mark completely. Maybe it captured the gestalt of the LA of 15 years ago, but things have changed a lot, and I don't think it was ever that bad. One of the things that keeps my family in LA despite its aggravations is that the city has a more relaxed attitude toward ethnic differences than any place else we've known.

I went into Crash having no expectations whatsoever. I left feeling that very emotionally manipulated. On top of that, I enjoy movies with interesting characters - and Crash's stereotypical - but not stereotypical - characters did not do it for me.

Prior to Crash winning the Oscar I recorded off PPV. Watched the first 20 minutes or so and realized I'd never watch any more of it so I erased.
Of course, I'm a guy who watches almost every SciFi Channel Saturday nite film with joy!
Someone referred to 'Crash' as having a ca. 1974 view of LA race relations.
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