Monday, May 29, 2006

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Anybody else notice that the Washington Post today has not a single tribute to a fallen warrior?
But the title of the Post's lead editorial is "Memorial Day", in which the editors observe that
What ought to be unquestioned among us is the honor due those who have little to say about the rightness of a war but who take on the duty of fighting it.
The Post also ran the latest installment of Faces of the Fallen, in which it publishes a photo of each fallen servicemember from Iraq and Afghanistan. I think that counts.
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It was the Pentagon that forbade coverage of the returning dead. If Ledeen has a complaint, he should take it there.
I'm more suprised that anyone pays any attention at all to what Leeden has to say these days.
Michael Ledeen does (or at least did) read OxBlog. Since I pay attention to what all of our readers have to say, I extend the same courtesy to him.
Faces of the fallen is nice, but why not highlight the good done by any one or many of those dead.

Purposeful omission of any good associated with those deaths is not the spirit of Memorial Day.


Uncle Jimbo
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