Thursday, May 25, 2006

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SOMETHING EVIL IRAN DIDN'T DO: Make Jews wear yellow badges on their clothing.
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Not so fast:

"During the intervening half millennium (since 1502), the profoundly influential Shi’ite clerical elite have emphasized the notion of the ritual uncleanliness (najis) of not only Jews, but also Christians, Zoroastrians, and others, as the cornerstone of inter-confessional relationships towards Iran’s non-Muslims. Non-Muslims’ spiritual impurity was linked in concrete and indelible ways to their physical impurity. Professor Laurence Loeb’s seminal analysis of dhimmi Jews in Shi’ite Persia/Iran (“Outcaste- Jewish Life in Southern Iran,” 1977 ), documents the social impact of najis regulations, beginning with the implementation of a

" badge of shame [as] an identifying symbol which marked someone as a najis Jew and thus to be avoided. From the reign of Abbas I [1587-1629] until the 1920s, all Jews were required to display the badge""
Maybe the president "dinnerjacket" is retro?
Let's not be to quick with the mea culpas. The parliament passed the legislation. It has to be approved by the almighty religeous hierarchy for it to become the law of the land.

So yes the legislation may not be a law yet but it was passed and should be considered a warning of things to come.
"The parliament passed the legislation."

Which says nothing whatever about badges. It's Benador Associates progaganda, as has been endless exposed by now, and it would be tiresome to have to give you the cites.
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