Monday, May 29, 2006

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SUNDAY MORNING ROUND-UP: On Meet the Press, Jim Sensenbrenner battled it out with Chuck Hagel on the subject of immigration. On Face the Nation, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell debated the Democrats' prospects of taking back the Senate in the fall. On This Week with George S., John Murtha talked about the Haditha incident and allegations of a cover-up. John Warner then addressed the same subject.
Sensenbrenner: B+. He's very good at making the case against a rush to reform. I've graded him down in the past for insisting that any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants amounts to amnesty, but since the folks on my side of the debate won't admit that their plan, intentionally or not, rewards illegal behavior, I'm going to give Sensenbrenner a pass.

Hagel: B-. I agree with what he said, but he isn't much of an advocate for our cause. His arguments were all over the map. Most importantly, he didn't make a clear case for why immigration reform is an extension of basic American values.

McConnell: D. I easily would've given him a 'B+' for candor and reasonability except for one thing he said:
Americans have forgotten what [Democrats] do when they're in the majority. I can tell you what they'll do. They'll wave the white flag in the war on terror.
That's just appalling. It is a smear on the Democrats' patriotism, not a criticism of their agenda.

Schumer: C. I would easily have given him a 'B' for reciting his talking points with more feeling than most, but he just took it lying down when McConnell smeared the Dems. I wonder if he'll get slammed by Kos, Atrios, etc.

Murtha and Warner: No grade. It's impossible to assess what they said until I know a lot more about what actually happened in Haditha. The stories being told are gut-wrenching, but facts are scarce.
And now for the hosts:
Russert: B.

Schieffer: B.

Stephanopoulos: B. I'm glad he made Haditha the focus of his show, but he didn't do much to help establish the facts of the case.
See ya next week.
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How can you say immigration reform, as represented by the Senate's plan, is an extension of American values.

The problems with illegal immigration stem from the US's inability to enforce its own laws. If you have a problem with the legal immigration numbers increase the numbers allowed to come in legally.

There are thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of people patiently, ok. impatiently, waiting for their applications to be processed by the INS/State Department.

Even when approved they have to wait until their name comes up before the yearly country quota is full.

Then, after medical check ups and a police report, they are allowed entry to the US.

Is there anything in the Senate bill giving priority to these poeple.

Does the Senate bill require medical check ups and a police report for those already illegally resident in the US?
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