Thursday, June 01, 2006

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IMMIGRATION SHOWDOWN : The Weekly Standard has no secrets to divulge about the upcoming conference on the Hill. Matt Continetti reminds us that House Judiciary Chairman is no pushover:
Sensenbrenner's colleagues typically use a single word to describe him. "He's tough," Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia told reporters at a breakfast last week. "He really takes an unusual delight in these conferences," Rep. Peter King of New York said of Sensenbrenner. "He relishes that type of combat." Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, whose district borders Sensenbrenner's, told me, "He's a tough guy to reckon with, a tough negotiator, and he's taking a tougher stance as this thing progresses."
But presidents have a way of imposing their will on Congress, especially on members of their own party. So who knows?
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