Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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IT'S NEVER TOO LATE FOR A SUNDAY ROUND-UP! The big news of the week was Al Gore's exclusive interview on ABC. The runner-up was Condi, who headlined on CBS. Finally, Joe Biden got NBC all to himself.
Gore: B. I'm no expert on global warming, so I can only describe how Gore sounds to the layman. Very well-spoken. Remarkably well-informed. Stubborn. Naive. And a little bit kooky. He kept insisting that Manhattan might be underwater in the very near future. We just don't know. But give him points for self-awareness: he said that it might not have be a good idea to talk so much about a "planetary emergency" if you have a reputation for being an alarmist.

Condi: A-. It's never easy to put a good face on events in Iraq, especially when the audience knows that you have no choice. But Condi goes exactly as far as the evidence allows. And on every other subject, she's top notch.

Joe Biden: B-. He just wasn't ready for an attack from the left. For three years now, Joe Biden has been telling us that Iraq is six months away from going over the precipice. He wasn't any good at defending his vote for the war, either.
And the hosts:
Stephanopoulos: B. He started out very strong with Gore by beating him at his own game of global warming expertise. Then he seemed to melt into admiration and get a little too excited about Gore in 2008. Here's my idea: A six-month ban on asking any Sunday morning guest about their plans for 2008. It is a complete waste of time better spent on substantive matters.

Schieffer: B.

Russert: A-. He nailed Biden pretty hard, but only seemed capable of challenging him from the left -- and it isn't hard to go at Biden from the right. In general, Stephanopoulos is much better at keeping guests off balance by attacking them from the right and then suddenly switching to the left, or vice versa.
See ya soon.
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Algore,a D- at best, Divinity School dropout, gets a B for his cloud cuckooland drivel?
Like you, I'm not a GW expert, yet, all info available says that said warming itself may be questionable, but, regardless, the case for humankind's actions causing it is less convincing than the ID propenents for their, to be charitable, "theory"!
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