Monday, July 24, 2006

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OBAMA-GORE?: In that order, a la Bush-Cheney? I agree with Grunwald and AS that this is a possibility. The problem, of course, is that this is not the combination that will appear on the primary ballot. Such a ticket would require Obama first getting the nomination on his own. Which, for the very reason an elder would be desireable on the presidential ticket, may make his bid difficult. I am a big fan of his though, and having Samantha Powers on his side certainly doesn’t hurt in the foreign policy realm.
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Does anyone understand why two candidates do not form a ticket FOR the primary? Is it simply tradition?

For example, in 2004, a Gephardt-Dean early ticket would likely have won the nomination.
No, I don't think it's a possibility. Not at all. He's served but one term, doesn't really have a list of accomplishments, and the Senate is generally not a launching pad to the presidency anyway. Fairly good orator, I admit, but his candidacy isn't going to go far. They said the same thing about Harold Ford, Jr. after he gave a nice speech at the convention. Actually, Harold Ford, Jr. would be a better choice, esp. if he wins the Senate seat this fall.

There is an obvious front-runner who has been waiting in line. Please tell me the last time either party failed to nominate an obvious front runner for the presidency, when one existed. (Yes, the recent election losers could also make a play for front-runner status, but losing candidates are essentially never re-nominated.) Even if Sen. Clinton is not nominated, there are far too many candidates who poll much higher.

I'm not a fan of Senator Obama. He's terrible on trade. He openly campaigns to maintain the tariff on imported ethanol, which is both idiotic from a trade AND environmental perspective. He's been anti-CAFTA, he's been anti other free trade initatives. His campaign website insists that trade should be "fair trade" that has "real, tangible benefits for the U.S." His stated preferred trade policies would be a disaster for the poorest throughout the world. They are insular, thinking only of US benefit and not of the rest of the world. They are horribly ignorant and zero-sum focused. They, as stated, would inflame allies and other countries and hurt the people in the world that need help most.
Obama could be on the ticket, there is no way Gore or H. Clinton will be on it.
Say it with me: Senators do not get elected President.

As John Thacker points out he has served but one term. And if he serves multiple terms he will have a track record. He will have voted for it before he voted against it.

Barack Obama is the same as John Edwards. Young, good looking (some say) and articulate. But neither have any record of accomplishments to speak of.
To answer the question posted as to why party candidates cannot run with a VP, it is because the VP is chosen by the convention. A candidate in the primaries can point towards who he will select as a VP, but his selection eventually will have to be rubber-stamped by the convention. Certainly, it would be in the best interest of the party to give their nominee who he/she desires. However, if they feel that their best interest lies elsewhere, they will push for the nominee to accept another option. Inevitablly though, the vice-presidential candidate will never be chosen until the convention.
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