Sunday, July 23, 2006

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PRE-EMPTIVE SUNDAY MORNING ROUND-UP: America must confront a grave and gathering threat of unrestrained punditry. Thus, this website cannot wait until that punditry commences at 10AM in order to respond with its own rhetorical forces. It must begin now.

Actually, this is a just a round-up of last week's shows, since I had minimal access to the internet while travelling this past week. Biden, Gingrich and Novak were on NBC. Condi and Jane Harman were on CBS. Condi and Albright were on ABC.
Biden: B-. Strong on Israel, then gets a little kooky.

Gingrich: B. He was clearly on his best behavior. It won't last if he runs for President.

Novak: B. I never followed Novak-gate all that closely, but I thought he came off well. He also candidly admitted that there is no good explanation for some of his inconsistent statements.

Condi on CBS: B. A very brief interview.

Harman: B-. Called Hezbollah "more dangerous than Al Qaeda". Instead of sounding tough, Harman sounded like a liberal who was desperate to sound tough. After all, does anyone expect Harman or other Democrats to support a US war against Hezbollah similar to our war against Al Qaeda?

Condi on ABC: B. Avoided saying much at all, which diplomats have a habit of doing in the midst of a crisis. Got feisty when asked if the war in Iraq made the Middle East more volatile.

Albright: B-. Kept insisting that Condi is doing nothing to keep this crisis under control. Demanded deep engagement and shuttle diplomacy. To what end? And with whom? On that front, Albright didn't have answers.
Russert, Schieffer and Steffie all get 'B's. But what I want to know is who does the booking for Meet the Press. Biden and Gingrich have almost nothing to add to the debate. They're the kind of guests you bring on when you can't get someone better.

And having them on the show looks even worse when CBS and ABC get Condi. Or was Dr. Rice avoiding Mr. Russert? Even if she was, NBC should've come up with a stronger altnerative.
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